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With the United States Leading the World Financial Meltdown, Will Republicans Insist On Even Less?

Regulation and oversight?

Their hands off policies allowed the bankers to give mortgages to anyone with a pulse and now expect all of us to pay for it.

Will they now squeal that they have too much regulation so they can find new and creative ways to rob us?

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    Such a scary meltdown wouldn't have happened if oil prices, loans, mortgages were controlled, and short selling/naked shorting of stocks were not practised. More control and less liberty in every facet of our lives would prevent not only financial but also other forms of meltdowns, in the coming years. Perhaps we need the Group of Elders, founded by Dr Richard Branson, to arrest depressing trends and bring back investors' and the common citizen's confidence and trust of our systems. If only the next administration would be capable to curb excesses, reduce lending, encourage people to save more, and bring about a higher quality of living. Well, just a though not enough pain and losses have been incurred from natural disasters and other man-made ones.

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    Let's take a look at what is happening at wall Street and correlate that with our left wing news media.

    As you know, Wall Street is in a cesspool because of greed and bankers profit motives. Just who are these people anyway? are they Republicans, are they independents, or are they Democrats. Fortunately this is an easy question to answer. They are, without exception, Democrats!

    As proof I offer the following: As is well known, 93% of news media employees vote Democrat and the result of this is that when a Republican is named in a scandal, such as the head of Lehman Bros. investments, there would be a proud headline stating how this Republican screwed the American people.

    No such headline exists. In fact you will have problems even finding the name of these greedy, unscrupulous, bur very rich, people.

    The result is that you can say with complete confidence they are all Democrats, if you check the donations list you will find millions donated to Obamma and the DNC by these firms and their people.

    So, who would you rather have in power, the Democrats who caused this mess, or the Republicans who might be able to prevent it's recurrence?

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    Congress has the POWER to stop the theft.

    Will they use it?

    Contact your representatives and Kvetch a LOT, they NEED to hear it!

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    Even less regulation after,they've enriched themselves

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