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What birth control methods are available to teenagers?

Which of these can be obtained by a 16 year old without parental consent or knowledge?

* Birth control pills

* Condom

* Female condom

* Spermicides

* Diaphragm

* Cervical cap

* Contraceptive sponge

* Injection

* Vaginal Ring

* Birth control patch

* Intrauterine Device (IUD)


I don't have my license yet, so basically they have to have it at the stop and shop or cvs near my house

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    * Condom

    * Female condom

    * Spermicides

    * Contraceptive sponge

    The ones I've listed above can be picked up at a drugstore (CVS/Walgreens). The others in my experience require a prescription and I'm not sure about the parental consent with that. I've never been to planned parenthood either but I've heard they give that stuff out too. Obviously, abstinence works too, but since you're smart enough to ask about b.c. I'm sure you know how things work. Just try to read up on the natural family planning method too...to avoid your most fertile times in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy.


    Don't use the natural method alone!!! Just use it in addition to condoms or whatever you decide.

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    male & female condoms


    Morning After Pill

    FInd a Planned Parenthood near you, they can get some other stuff for you and they wont tell your parents.

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    The pill, condoms, the ring, pretty much everything.

  • razo
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    any and all of them. Go to planned parenthood! they wont tell anyone!

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    The one you left off....abstinence.

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