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When Charlie Gibson asked Sarah Palin about "The Bush Doctrine", how many of you knew the answer? No one?

being honest can say they did. Palin was right when she asked "in reference to what Charlie?" The Bush doctrine in reference to what? To imply that Bush has but one doctrine is blatantly stupid. She should have hammered him on that question that was intended only to humiliate, which it did not. Had he not been trying to embarrass or humiliate he would have simply asked how she felt about the Bush doctrine in reference to Iraq?

The interview he had with Obama months earlier was so soft balled, mild and sweet, you would have thought Gibson, like Matthews was getting a tingling sensation up his legs.


@Spiritual Coach Lynn - "anyone running for President should know more than almost anyone in the country". She isn't running for President oh wise one and by using your guide, Obama should run, not walk away from this election!

Update 2:

@Frank Hammer - "If Gibson said what do you think of preemptive war, she would have know exactly what he meant." Okay.....duh, scuse me? Am I missing something here. Should the person conducting the interview NOT ask 'clear and concise' questions so they are understood? OR should it be the Liberals playing "Lets play stump the candidate" by asking incomprehensible questions. Smart, really smart.

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    Well, since there is actually NO SUCH THING, anyone who says they knew what it was is a liar. Anyone who claims they knew what it was should provide a link to the administration issued "Doctrine".

    Charlie Gibson: “The Bush doctrine, as I understand it, is that we have the right of anticipatory self-defense,”

    Charlie Gibson 2001: ““The president in his speech last night, very forceful…He also outlined what is being called the Bush Doctrine, a promise that all terrorists organizations with global reach will be found, stopped and defeated.”

    James Fallows: Gibson's own minor mis-statement. American foreign policy has long recognized the concept of preemptive action: if you know somebody is just about to attack you, there's no debate about the legitimacy of acting first. (This is like "shooting in self-defense.") The more controversial part of The Bush Doctrine was the idea of preventive war: acting before a threat had fully emerged, on the theory that waiting until it was fully evident would mean acting too late.

    Lou Dobbs: “Bush Doctrine: you're either with the civilized world or against us in the war against terror.”

    Richard Deats: The Bush Doctrine is the natural development of a U.S.-centered world view in which the United States unilaterally pursues its objectives as it sees fit. The Kyoto Treaty can be ignored, the ABM Treaty violated, the Land Mines Treaty unsigned and the space-defense shield given massive funding,

    Charles Krauthammer (who coined the phrase “Bush Doctrine”): “the Bush Doctrine, now taking shape as the Administration takes power. Its motto is, We build to suit--ourselves. Accordingly, the President and the Secretary of Defense have been unequivocal about their determination to go ahead with a missile defense

    Dan Froomkin: to be completely accurate, there have been several Bush Doctrines over the years.

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    What charlie should have ask,so everbody would understand the question was,what do you think of the total mess George W. Bush has gotten our country in?He doesn't have any doctrine.He shoots from the hip,before putting what little brain he has in gear.Now Cheney has a doctrine.Invade,kick @ss,and call his buddies at KRB.That is if the country has oil. Lets face it.When history is reviewed in the future G.W. probably will not get a good review.I just feel sorry for the people who stocks his library.Remember the remark about he doesn't read books or papers.

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    The Bush Doctrine has had four different meanings. The most recent being preemptive strike if needed was coined the Bush Doctrine by Charles Krauthammer. It is a term made by the media.

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    Charles Gibson's interview with Sarah Palin - Before the remix

    this transcript of Gibson's interview with Sarah Palin before ABC cherrypicked her quotes, editing out key parts of her responses

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    Even political scientist say there are 4 such doctrines attributed to Bush. Charlie Gibson should of defined it sense he chose to use it. Very unfair and he got a lot of critism for it.

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    Well, since I believe he was referring to the First-Strike Doctrine--and there is NO SUCH THING as THE Bush Doctrine, who the hell would have known? Of course, all the Dems are suddenly experts on what this thing is now.

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    First of all, I'm not running for VP. Apparently Gibson knows what it is.

    Just what is it with you conservatives, she keeps on saying, bring them, I've taken on the powerful in my state. Yet she and idiots like you want it to come easy.

    If she's not smart enough, or can't handle tough questions, get out!

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    I didn't know what he meant. The Bush doctrine has referred to several different things during the last 8 years. I personally think Palin is the best thing to happen to the Republican Party since Reagan!

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    There is no written "doctrine". It can be interpreted by his foreign policy decisions of the past 8 years. Her answer was not wrong. His was not right. He obviously tried to embarrass her.

    Gibson was at his worst with that question.

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    To quote Jon Stewart: "Only Bush knows what the Bush doctrine is." I actually didn't know what it is.

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