What is the Name of the Song in the Preview of Lakeview Terrace?

It is the Song that begins playing immediately after it is stated that Samuel L. Jackson is a Cop, and "Has the Color Factor on his Side... Blue."

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    The song in the preview is Back Up by Bone Crusher.

    It’s not in the movie, but there are a bunch of really good songs in Lakeview Terrace. They did not release a soundtrack album, but the videos and downloads for the songs are at the link below.

    Complete list of songs from Lakeview Terrace:

    Shoot Me Down - Kevin Chase

    Killer - Kevin Chase

    No, No, No Part 2 - Mary Brown, Rob Fusari, Calvin Gaines, Vincent Herbert and Barry White

    Dot - Destiny's Child

    Gravel Pit - Wu-Tang Clan

    Hell Above Water - Curve

    Killer - Boy Kill Boy

    Made You Look - Nasir Jones

    Never Fold Up - DaVinci's Notebook

    No, No, No Part 2 - Destiny's Child

    Shimmy Shimmy Ya - Wu-Tang Clan

    Shoot Me Down - Boy Kill Boy

    Shut 'Em Down - Public Enemy

    Sittin' On Spinnas - DaVinci's Notebook

    The Choice Is Yours (Revisited) - Black Sheep

    We Pop – RZA

    Original music for Lakeview Terrace - Mychael Danna and Jeff Danna

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    It has been answered many times, if you do a search you will find the answer.

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    back up by bonecrusher i believe

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