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Do you think that the K-State Wildcats will be a .500 team in football this season?

I am a K-State fan, and I saw their game against Louisville last night. I have to be honest, they looked pathetic on defense. In addition to that they have no running game. Do you think that they will be able to improve enough to be a .500 team (record of 6 - 6) this season?


Alright, I know that if they do become a .500 team it may only be because of their very soft non-confeence schedule, but do you think that they will make it or become the Big 12 bottom feeders this season?

Update 2:

Thank you, Douglas N. for your nice comments. I am still concerned about K-State's defense. Louisville does have a very good team. But part of the reason why the Cards stayed on the field so long was because of the poor play of the Wildcat's defense. They had poor tackling, allowed the recievers to get too much separation, and were unable to seal up Louisville's rushing lanes. This, unfortuantely, is the exact same problems that they had last season too. When the entire team is tackling poorly two seasons in a row fans tend to become concerned.

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    I watched the game last night as well, being a WVU fan I was pulling for of course the Big East . What people are failing to recongnize ( i say this in defense for K-State) in the loss Louisville had to Kentucky, kentucky only had a total of little over 200 yards in total offense. Louisville d-fensive co-ordinator is Michigans old

    one and he has these guys playing some solid defense, its just that their offense was horrible against Kentucky.

    Louisville just kept K-State defense on the field too long and therefore the offense could find any rythm.

    If K-State can snap that road record, now loseing 5 straight, especially in Big 12 play, you guys could easily be a .500 or better team, I seen flashes on your offense and special teams play that could bolt K-State

    to some key wins in the Big 12. just remember when Big 12 conference play begins, the teams know one another very well, that performance against Louisville shrugg it off, its when Big 12 starts to play is K-State concern, they beat Texas did they not, unfortunately they dont have Texas on schedule this year, but K-State will throw a monkey wrench or two in the Big 12 and make things somewhat interesting. They be in a Bowl my friend, they didnt lay down and quit

    last night thats a sign of a good program thats well coached, they be fine. Im concerned about L'ville now, looks as if that top ranked offense is back, and a solid d-fense to boot, could give my eer's and

    S.Florida a run for the Big East title this year.

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