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Why do I sleep so much and never feel rested?

Let me first begin by saying I have been diagnosed with depression and am currently taking zoloft, which I have for about a year.

Even prior to taking the zoloft and getting treatment, I just can't seem to get enough sleep. I go to bed usually around 10 or 11 at night and wake up around 7. (between 9-10 hours of sleep) then I will be awake for a bit, feel tired again, and go back to bed at around 11AM to 2PM (3 hours) after this I will stay awake for a bit, go to my college night class, come home around 10, and go back to sleep and the whole cycle starts all over again.

Whenever I tell doctors about this they always say that it is just my depression and or medication, but even after adjusting the meds and all, I am still tired. What could be wrong?


I am not overweight at all, I only get to eat one meal a day since I'm always sleeping. I'm 5'2 and weigh 93 lbs.

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    Maybe you have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can be caused by things like nasal or throat obstruction (short periods during sleep where you do not breathe at all - so your body alerts you, and you "wake up" briefly to 'remember' to breathe again, even though you may not remember having done so). People with sleep apnea often feel very tired, but they don't recall that they wake up dozens of times during the night. Google it.

    Or there may be a neurological problem whereby you are not experiencing the deepest stages of sleep. Many people with depression lack the deep wave sleep. Or alternately, you could be missing REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

    Consult a sleep specialist in your area or a neurologist.

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    Try to eat turkey Turkey has an amino acid called T-tryptophan that helps you sleep. Try a warm glass of milk (make it skim or low fat not whole) before you go to sleep to(a glass a wine won't work you'll wake up with a headache most likely if your body is not use to it). Another reason why you might be restless is because of to much stress in you life( this might be because you are in COLLEGE). If you try to be less stressfull you'll sleep much better trust me on this one, I now it because I've been their before. Another thing is that your bed is your resting area remember that. If you watch TV or do work in your bed ect. in your bed, then your body is going to treat it as if it were a couch insted. So remember all you want to do in your bed is sleep and not nothing else.This will help a lot with your sleep to, hope this will help a lot.

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    I know just how you feel. I also have depression and have been on medication for a number of years. I have never felt rested...even if I take sleep medication.

    I feel like most of it is a direct result of my anxiety and inability to calm my mind.

    One thing that helps are breathing exercises, writing before I go to sleep (letting out some emotion or frustration from the day), stretching, or making a list of things I am thankful for. They sound cheesy, but they helped me some.

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    You may have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, I was the same as you, sleeping around 10 hours and getting up and then napping again for a few hours in the afternoon, the doc says I have CFS, definately go to the docs and get checked out

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    Stress, starving yourself (poor diet), not getting enough REM sleep, or side effects from your meds. Go talk to your doc about how much .mgs your taking of zoloft. Possibly the zoloft is causing fatigue.

    Source(s): Was on many many differ types of meds for 7 years since 9 years old (but now off). Suffered from stress, lack of REM sleep, and have an eating disorder.
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    If you are overweight it could be that you have sleep apneoa and are having disturbrd sleep.

    Depression is a cause of feeling tired but there are other causes. I have given you a couple of links so you can read up on them.

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    generally though depression can make you sleep less or more i know you dont want to hear this ,been suffering the same stuff my self ,that is a lot though,have you thought about seeing a dif doctor its so annoying hearing the same thing...

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    Have you ever had your iron levels checked? I know my iron is low when I feel uncontrollably tired for awhile. Good Luck!

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