what's a interesting topic about colombia that i could do a spanish report on?

for spanish class, i have to get up and speak about a certain topic from colombia for two minutes in spanish. not tooo bad. anyways the only thing i could come up with was shakira. however do you know of any holidays, foods, traditions, historical things that are interesting/specail only to colombia? and where i could find the info if possible...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm an American living in Colombia and one thing I learned recently that I found very interesting is that Colombia was once known as The United States of Colombia. The name was later changed to the Republic of Colombia as it is now but its quite interesting because the United States was almost named Columbia. The name United States sounded too long and strange to some of the founding fathers and many wanted to name it Columbia in order to honor Christopher Columbus' discovery but also to distance the country from England. Both Colombia and Columbia were names used to honor Christopher Columbus.

    I wrote a blog on the subject just 2 months ago. You're welcome to use any of the material or may I suggest looking up the terms United States of Columbia in the Wikipedia.

    Another fascinating thing about Colombia is the history of Cartagena. This beautiful city was conquered, sacked, raided, and pillaged so many times its tough to keep count. Many times by pirates. The Spanish, English, and French all had control at some point. I visited the Naval History Museum in the old walled city part of Cartagena to pass some time and it turned out to be one of the more interesting things I saw there. Again, the wikipedia will probably have all the information you need.

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