point pleasant beach, NJ?

im getting confused is it a beach or a town and wat is the address of the beach? also is jenkinsons boardwalk a part of point pleasant beach? wat is could u do there?

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    Point Pleasant Beach is a borough. It is not the same as the neighboring borough of Point Pleasant. Jenkinsons Boardwalk is a business in the borough. They have arcades, rides, restaurants, shops, and the aquarium. They also run the beach in front of the boardwalk. The borough operates independently a very small beach at the south end of town. The beach wouldn't have an address, it would be to the east of Ocean Avenue.

    Source(s): Used to live in Point Pleasant Beach.
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    I go to point pleasant a lot and there are plenty of parking lots! I am going tomorrow too! Most of the places charge about $15-$20. The main parking lot for the boardwalk charges about $15 and you should be able to get a good spot if you go early enough. Hope this helps!

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