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Was Obama pushing sex ed for 5 year olds or trying to prepare kids for pervert Republicans like Mark Foley?

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    How to watch out for the Republican closet homosexuals

    Notice how it's the neocons protesting predator awareness in children...I wonder WHY???

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    I have a 5 year old boy, my son. I have no problem with government teaching him age appropriate information, like how to prevent being touched by someone in a wrong place.

    I support Obama on that legislation, I know it was 5 years ago, and hope the bill in a good form passed.

    I think neocons are just ridiculous for attacking Obama for it.

    That's that 10% where you and I agree, and I think thats that 10% that matters a lot.

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    First of all, Obama introduced a bill that would teach children as young as 5 years old to be able to know about SEXUAL PREDATORS! Which as a parent I feel is a great ideal! Those of you SICK PEOPLE who twisted this around ought to be ASHAME of yourselves!! To turn something like this into a sexual matter regarding 5 year olds. Its not Obama its you who continue to spread such sick rhetoric without researching the truth.

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    He wants to teach them so they can tell someone when they are being touched they know its bad. An the parents do need to sign a waiver saying they are ok with their child taking it. Some parents are to busy for it or do not know how to talk to a 5 y/o about it. An as horrible as it is sometimes the parents are doing the harm.

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  • Boss H
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    I think he was trying to educate children to know that it wasn't good for people like Mark Foley to touch them there.

    <<And why isn't it the parent's role to 'prepare' their kids?>>

    because like many, parents are too busy working to actualy raise their kids, and pay someone to do it. Then later the kids grow up all screwed up only to finally tell a counselor that their babysitter used to make them pull down their pants and dance for them.

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    The Republicans are just against teaching small children to avoid sexual predators because they're afraid more of their Congressmen are going to get busted.

    ADD-ON: To those who argue "It's the parents' job to teach them":

    1) The bill Obama supported would require parents' permission for their children to participate.

    2) Parents should, but don't always, teach their kids about this sort of thing before it is too late.

    3) Isn't a sizable portion of sexual abuse committed by family members?

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    It is the parents job to even address this not schools. I really am disappointed that so many parents are trying to push off all the common responsibility they should take in raising their children off to schools. As if the schools are the real teachers while the parents are just enforcers. That is the problem. Obama and that law had nothing to do with sex ed at all, it was a lie right out.

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    It wasn't sex ed, he was pushing to help teach them to distinguish what is the wrong way someone should never touch you. Then to get away and contact someone about it.

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    "And why isn't it the parent's role to 'prepare' their kids?"

    It is, but too many of them are not doing it. Parents can still educate their kids but for those children whose parents aren't around, are not educated, or just don't think it is as important an issue as it is what could it hurt? How can any education hurt?

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    Both. Sex ed and teaching kids about predators.

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