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Opinions on the Blood Type Diet...?

Is there real evidence that it is accurate? Has anyone tried it and had positive results? Is there anything about the diet that seems "bogus", contradictory or just plain inaccurate?


I'm not looking to lose weight on the diet. I thought if it really is accurate, it may help me personally with some health issues I have and it would just help my general overall health.


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    Any of those diets will technically work, if you stick to them and exercise as recommend. ANY of them, even the type A blood one for a type O etc. However they're impossible to stay true too and are doomed to fail.

    Look for groups, like weight watchers, that have been around for a while, and work on lifestyle changes.

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    A few years ago some reporters..you may be able to find out the details on the net..gave this diet a trial..; they used several companies who provide the information you need about your blood-type and the diet that goes with it, and sent blood samples to each in four different names but using the blood of only two people..you can guess the rest can't you? The diet may or may not be bogus but the people who make money out of it certainly tend to be!

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