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How far in advance do I buy a weekly bus pass in LA?

I know it's $17 for a weekly bus pass to the metro. Where do I buy it and how far in advanced? I went to LA last week and I didn't know you had to buy it in advanced, I ended up spending $5 for a day pass...which totaled up to $35 for my whole stay there.

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    Prepaid passes and tokens can save you time and money. Accepted as base fare, they're sold in advance at Metro Customer Centers and more than 650 other locations including Ace Cash Express, Cash It Here, Nix Check Cashing, Ralph’s, Pavilions, Pay It Back Cashing and Vons.

    Weekly passes are available in advance on Thursdays.

    You can find a link to a list of locations here:


    Source(s): metro.net
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