why is maths still so important?

i understand fully that maths is probably one of the hardest subject to teach, but when im in maths lessons i just shut off, i dont have a clue whats going on, everything confuses me. Its like that have to show you the most complicated methods to do something so easy. for example, when in life am i ever going to use algebra, or adding fractions? why isiit considerd so important?

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    1 decade ago
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    the math you do up to high school is just to prepare you for higher mathematics in college. now, that's the real math you need for engineering, software programming, business statistics, economics, etc..

    algebra and adding fraction is the most basic and useful math ever. the answerer above me is right. even my mom make use of fraction manipulation for her sewing. lol.

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    4 years ago

    Everywhere we go, Maths is used... when we buy stuff, sell stuff, count how much of a certain "stuff" we want. Think of it this way, you wouldn't be able to say I'd like 2 Mars Bars, a can of coke and 5 Milky Ways if you didn't have Math. Maths has ALWAYS been around... so it's not a question of who invented it, but who refined it and made obvious theories... and I can think of the greeks, back in the olden days. We study it becase its findemental... to get good jobs etc... because people see it as an important skill they need to get by. Hope that helps...

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    Maths makes the world go round. Just about every invention in history made use of maths in some way. Everything from catapults to computers to cellphones rely on maths. Your computer and cell-phone are just glorified calculators that move bytes of memory around and occasionally add some of them together. Software engineers rely on maths quite a lot. You'd be surprised ho similar programming is to algebra. Maths made everything from the internet to deodorant to satellites possible. You need maths for just about any career you might go into.

    In short, unless you are planning to become a stripper or a beggar, you need maths.

    And if nothing else, there are some decent cash prizes in some math olympiads. :)

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    You will use it in real applications in real life. You use it for paying bills, managing your bank account. It is important for mortgages, and those are just applications that everyone uses math for. If you are in a science job like an engineer math is used to build planes, get power to your house, create gasoline. Also math is the base for how you are using your computer. In short math is POWER.

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    1 decade ago

    I can remember thinking / feeling the same!

    You'll be shocked the older you get, the more use of it there is!

    Cooking is one reason we need this algebra stuff! Seriously!

    ...and everything Michael C. said too.

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