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How much is this worth??

I've looked all over the net and have not found anything.

I bought this car:

for 500.00 and towed it home.

I replaced the intake and head gasket,gas oil and filter.

Started right up and runs great.

I then replaced the front brake pads, installed a underdrive pully kit, cold air intake, and headers with a x pipe.

Also I did do all of the bodywork on the car and it is now in primer (grey) and ready for paint.

How much is it worth, I want to sell it without painting, and give the new buyer the choice of his/her color

I also have a new carpet and mat set for the floor.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    don't get me wrong, but not a whole lot of people want to buy a car that looks like that, now if you actually go ahead and spend a little more money in paint and extra's then a lot of people will be interested. the way you want to sell it is worth about the 700-1000, if you fixed it up a little bit, it's worth 2000-2500, you do the math. thanks.

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