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When was the last change to the calendar we currently use?

I know that the calendar has been changed a few times - adding months, or changing the pattern of leap years, or whatever. When was the last change made?

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    2 SEP 1752


    The Julian calendar gained a day about every 134 years. By 1582, it was ten days out of alignment. This caused problems for the church in calculating Easter in the March Equinox. Pope Gregory XIII was the first to promulgate reform. On Wednesday, September 2, 1752 the Gregorian Calendar was adopted. By this time, many countries had already made the switch. For instance, England adopted the calendar on 1 JAN 1752.


    Thomas Jefferson's birthday is generally accepted as 13 APR 1743. This is according to the Gregorian calendar. He would have celebrated on 2 APR according to the Julian calendar.

    Hope this helps ;-)

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    To the best of my belief, the last change was in 1752 when Britain and her colonies changed from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. The change meant that we lost 11 days to make the correction. The last country to change was Russia in 1918.

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    Here only jan to dec of the year

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