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小ivy asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago


4. In line 7, what does ‘make a living’ mean?

a to earn money to support oneself

b to make plans for one’s future

c to live a meaningful life □

5. What does Jasmine think about Jay’s performce in Curse of the Golden Flower?

A Jay was great in it.

B She likes his singing better.

C She thinks Jay’s songs were terrible.□

7. According to Message 0101, what was Jay Chou doing when he was spotted by the producer? Jay _________________________________when he was spotter by the producer.

8. According to Message 0103, why does Ben-World feel sorry for Jay?

He feels sorry for Jay because he does not have _________________.



Update 2:

9. Here are some important years in Jay Chou’s life. Write hat happened in each of these years using complete sentences.





Update 3:

文章:Message 0100:

I just moved to this part of Asia. A friend gave me an album by Jay Chou. I think Jay's music is great. Is he a big star in Asia? Can anyone tell me about him? I would like to find out how he became a singer too.

Update 4:

Jay played the piano and the cello when he was just a kid! Do you know what Jay did when he failed to get into university in 1996? He worked as a waiter to make a living.

Update 5:

Jay’s talent was spotted by a producer when he was playing the piano at a talent show! After much hard work, Jay produced his first album'Jay' in 2000. And it was great success!

I just want to tell the work I like Jay! He is young and talented! His birthday is 18th January,

Update 6:

1979. He sings and writes songs, and he plays the piano as well. His songs combine both Western and Eastern elements. And the lyrics are so cool! They talk

about love, family honour and problems… Have you watched the movie Initial D?

Update 7:

Jay was great in it! And he won the Best New Performer Award at the 2005 Hong Kong Film Awards for is performance in the movie! I also watched his other movie: Curse of the Golden Flower (2006). This time around his singing was better than feelhis acting.

Update 8:

Do you notice Jay seldom smiles in public? I think the reason is that he doesn’t have a private life. I feel sorry for Jay!

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    1 decade ago
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    4. A

    5. B

    7. Jay was playing piano at the talent show when he was spotted by the


    8. He feels sorry for Jay because he does not have a private life.

    9. 1996: Failed to get into university

    2000: Jay produced his first album "Jay"

    2005: Jay won the Best New Performer Award at the 2005 Hong Kong

    Film Awards

    2006: Jay being in the movie: "Curse of the Golden Flower"

    Hope it helps ;D

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