What did you think of Tyler Perry's "The Family That Preys"?

I think that is one of the best ones yet! He hasn't made a bad movie yet. I love the cast he has in this movie. He switched up the roles this time giving other ethnicities the lead roles. Sanaa Lathan is a great actress because she had me pissed with her the whole movie. My husband can't even stop talking about this movie! It was great.

What do you think? Was it his best produced movie yet?

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    I had the opportunity to see The Family that Preys this weekend, this is my second Tyler Perry movie, to be honest from what I've seen, I think I may check out his other movies, because I do like what I've seen so far. The Family that Preys is seriously one of the better films I've seen so far in September, it's an honest drama that keeps your attention, it was also very touching. In some ways this was the female version of The Bucket List, even as it was hard to watch, it was still an incredibly moving movie. The chemistry between Kathy Bates and Alfre Woodard was just dead on and you really believed in their friendship. I also loved the side story between the two sisters and their husbands, one sister who is rich and spoiled with a good husband who is in major denial about what his wife really is, the other sister who wishes for her husband to keep his head up and live his dream. Tyler Perry pulls in a good family story that will have you smiling at the end.

    Alice and Charlotte are best friends, Charlotte is a rich business woman who's son wants to take over her company, she's rooting for a different C.O.O. that she hand picks, Abby, who is a strong woman who is working her way to the top. Alice is a struggling woman who Charlotte asks if they can go on a road trip together, she agrees, they go across country enjoying the last bits of life. But what they don't realize is that at home Alice's daughter, Andrea, is sleeping her way to the top behind her loving husband's back, her other daughter is begging for her husband to live his dreams, and Charlotte's son is just a sleaze who will step on anyone to get to the top.

    The Family that Preys is seriously a very good movie, it will not disappoint you. I'm really disappointed in a lot of these ratings. I believe there are some users lately who don't even see the movie, they just rate it a low number just because they don't like who's the star or whoever is making the film, please, you have to trust me on this film, it's a little treasure and a very strong film that will remind you to not take life for granted, stay strong, and remain proud of who you are. The script had extremely well written lines and I loved the representation of the hardship of being a woman trying to compete in a man's working world, not to sound horrible, but I imagine that's even harder for an African American woman and this movie just inspires you that it is possible to stay strong and work hard, keep the faith, and good things will come to you. This is a fantastic movie, I highly recommend it.


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    Well I haven't seen it yet but me and my husband are going to the movies this weekend. I just know that it will be a great movie because Tyler Perry has not fail yet.

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    It really was a great movie. I have to admit though that Diary of a Mad Black Woman is still my favorite. I just adore that movie. He is an amazing producer. <3

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    I just saw it today......it was really good. Sanaa played her roll good. Yeah i shocked at her in the movie too lol.....i was like dang she bogus.

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  • I havent seen it yet =/

    but I am a huge TP fan, so I bet it was good =]

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    i didnt bother with it, im still waiting for him to make an okay movie... looks like i'll be waiting a while

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    i think its ok....

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