4 year old girl won't poo in toilet and hasn't pooped at all for 3 days...?

My daughter is 4 and she will do her wees in the toilet no probs. I just started putting her in underwear instead of pull ups because she knew how to use the toilet for wees and she was still weeing in the pull ups. Since then (Tuesday morning) she has been wearing underwear all the time and we've only had 3 accidents. However, she WILL NOT poo in the toilet. She is passing a lot of wind. I am starting to wonder if she is constipated... however she was pooping fine prior to the switch to underwear. But I thought she would poop in the diaper I put on her at night time but she STILL has NOT pooped.

Can I get something from the chemist/drug store or do I have to take her to the doctor? I'm going to increase her fruit and fibre and fluids. But if that doesn't help ... ???

I read online that if they hold it in the stools end up hard and dry... and then they are constipated.

Actually I remember her last BM before I put her into underwear was lots of little hard poos like sheep poo. So I think she must be constipated...

She has a stool to push on (her feet). She must be constipated...

So should I just see what happens when I increase her fibre and fluids or should I just call the doctor now? Or go to the chemist?


Yeah I was thinking prunes but wasn't sure if she would like them...

Or prune juice...

She has never pood in the toilet and she hasn't had any accidents with poop in her underwear.

I wouldn't spank her or tell her off if she did.

We have a star chart and she gets jellybeans every time she goes toilet. She gets two for wees and if she does poos I have told her she will get four jbs.

At first I thought she just didn't want to go in the toilet. But since she hasn't done anything in her diapers at night... I have decided she must be constipated. She usually goes poop at least every second day if not every day.

She does seem to have a lot of hard poos compared to medium ones or soft ones. It's always been that way. We don't really have a good diet (all of us). But this is the first time she hasn't pooped for more than 2 days and she was complaining of a sore tummy last night.

We'll see what happens in the next 24 hours and if nothing happens then I'll definitely call drs

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    my 6 year old grandson has JUST conquered his poo problem (his 3 year old brother is fully toilet trained). he would hold on all day at school, get home, ask for a diaper on and poo in it. one day his mom decided it was time (she too was worried about constipation so let him use diapers).anyway, she refused a diaper, sat with him on the toilet and her beside it. She sang songs, read stories and then IT HAPPENED. he was really surprised it was so simple and didn't hurt. for some reason he had it in him mind it would be unpleasant. aren't kids funny!!!

  • Oh man... okay this is really embarrassing, but when I was around that age, my mom got frustrated and spanked me when I had an accident on the floor (number 2). So I remember feeling very scared about it, so I didn't go to the bathroom for DAYS... one day I woke up and felt so sick. My mom took me to the hospital and they admitted me for 4 days and 3 nights for- get this- constipation. I almost died from being constipated.

    Basically, what the doctor told my mom was that next time she noticed that I hadn't gone in a day, to give me things like: Apple juice, prunes, raisins, whole grains/fiber, and if it didn't help, to give child suppositories. That was not fun...

    My advice is to call the doctor for advice, ask him if it would be beneficial to go to the chemist and what to get to treat a child that age.

    Source(s): My embarrassing childhood.
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    she may be constipated, id give her juices and fruits things that can loosen it up and call the dr. for advice in the morning..we had this problem for the LONGEST time with my 5 yr old boy and a lot of the time he would just hold it because he didnt want to go in the toilet!

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    Give her what I call "God's Candy", prunes. Kids love prunes because they are so sweet. Give her some juices too and plenty of water. This will take care of the constipation. When she does have a bowel movement praise her and give her a reward of some sort so that she will want to do it again for you! Children love to please their parents.

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    prunes are great for this problem it always helps my daughter give it a try but if she doesnt go soon she needs 2 see the dr

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