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Is it true? Dukes University tested 100 patients on the power of prayer?

And they concluded truth, the 50 prayed on all recovered to different extents whilst the other 50 some even died?

I heard it from some christian who heard it from a pastor. But i research on it myself and it's actually a very popular story if you type 'duke university study prayer' on google, only it was a study on 748 patients and the results turned in no correlation between prayer and healing. So is this guy or that pastor just lying or does someone actually know which study they were talking about?

When i confronted the guy about this he said it was a different study, plus he also said that the media are lying about the truth, which i think is RIDICULOUS. When I explain to him how ridiculous that is i think his next excuse would be something like 'don't test god'.

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    Wouldn't surprise me. I'd take the results with a grain of salt though. Some of the Duke University experiments have been pretty shonky over the years.

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