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how to answer when other people say what's up to you?

People in my school always say "what's up" to me, but what exactly does it mean? Also, how to answer them what they say "what's up" to me? Help....I do not know how to answer them, so now they think that I do not want to talk to them, and now they do not even talk me anymore....

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    Try saying something along the lines of, "Not much. How about you?"

  • 6 years ago

    Remember: If it's a girl, simply answer -Not much until you came around ^^ If you know what I mean

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    So, what could you say if there is a lot going on?

    When my boys are asked it by their friends, the reply I most often hear is a grunt that doesn't seem to mean anything at all.

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    6 years ago

    You just say what happened during your day because when they ask, whats up?, they are just asking like what has happened in your day

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    just say everything is down lol

    whats up umm everything is down

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    You can just say something like "hey" back, or you can tell thwm what's new with you, if you feel the urge to.

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    if your just walking by him/her in a hallway.. just say "hey wats up" or "hi ~then the persons name~ " and smile or give a hug.

    communication is the key to a close relationship.

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    just not much every thing down

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    What's up=What's going on/How are you/What's new?

    You say "Not much, you?"

    it's a simple conversation starter.

    i'm sorry but have you been missing from the world since the 90's? this term is old, it would be like if u asked "how do you answer when people say hi?"

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      i honestly hate it
      @sanjay verma u r right not everyone belongs to america

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