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what does " Je est un autre" mean?

it's some rimbaud said and i'm trying to figure out a little less vaguely what it means.....i know what it translates too but what does he mean by this?

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    "Je est un Autre" (Self is Other)

    "Je est un Autre," is a journey of imagination and an aesthetic evolution of its ingredients. Imagination, as a metaphor for the unconscious, signifies the existence which struggles within an ego, in memory and in reality, from nil to eternity.

    The imagery for the piece will include animation and photographs. In "Je est un Autre I," a fish tank will be placed in front of the video projector. The shadow effect of rippling water delivers images which refer to the unconscious as the foundation of all being.

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    He s referring to himself as the devil. Remember Verlaine dubbed Rimbaud "the accursed poet" People during those times were more familiar with the bible. God says, "I am," which is the reverse of Shakespeare s evil villain Iago who says, "I am not what I am." Rimbaud would have undoubtedly have read Othello, and is echoing Iago when he writes, "Je est un autre." He s basically saying "I am the other." He goes on to say "tough luck to the wood that wants to be a violin." He s talking about nature and potential, and considering himself damned.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I was another... He felt like someone else...;_ylt=Anpu7...

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    that is a tricky question

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