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Do you think Katie Holmes can act?

Personally I really don't like her as an actress. She's not very convincing and just doesn't interest me. My friends and I were debating this in school. My one friend is a Star Wars fan and must stand beside Holmes' role in that movie. I'm a Batman fan and I just wanted her gone in that movie. (so glad they replaced her in the second film)I didn't even know who she was until they told me. So do you think she's a good actress? Please Katie fans don't flip out. I'm just curious.

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    Katie Holmes isn't in Star Wars. Amidala, who I assume you're thinking of, was played by Natalie Portman. Natalie Portman can act better than Katie Holmes, which is probably why your friend liked Star Wars. Katie is exactly the same in every film. She's got no depth and that crooked mouth thing makes me cringe. I'd love to put a 'normal' smile on that face of hers. ;-)

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    I've seen enough of her Dawson's Creek work to cringe when I heard she had a role in Batman Begins---and I was right to worry.

    I don't think Holmes turned down reprising her character role from Batman Begins; quite likely--she wasn't asked to return. Holmes' performance was so lacking in Begins that I can understand THAT being why she maybe DID turn it down to avoid criticism. Holmes' work in Begins was quite disappointing.

    Katie Holmes is a cutie; something that has served her quite well--and running risks as we all do with aging, time is NOT on her side. Once her looks go---so will any hot TV or film offers.

    About the smartest move she's made so far was marrying bankable Scientologist Tom Cruise.

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    Personally I was a huge Dawson's Creek fan and I saw a lot of her early stuff like The Ice Storm and Pieces of April. Maybe she is just better in the independent realm of movies. Plus I don't think it helps that she is married to that crackhead cuz she really hasn't done anything other than stage work. But then again maybe that will better her skills. Who knows!

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    All I've seen is Batman, and she seems like a pretty average actor to me, nothing really bad, but nothing good or stand-out about her either...

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