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Theist: do you ever get really mad at atheist ?


desi dani: well atheist won't go argue the counter opinion on got in any other section , i don't why shoudn't we come here. what section do you sujest ? mythology?

Update 2:

sweet mary jane 4U: No, not at all! i am hard core atheist . If i mention a soul, its only symbolic, as a methaphore, a poethic type thing, but to my knowledge the escence of human beings is in the mind, a brain its what makes you function, feel , think and love, but "Soul" sounds nicer, but theres really is no need to belive in one.

Update 3:

joe angus: who says we miss out on hollydays? no we don't , you see christian hollydays are all made up like mother's day or valentine's day and we all celbrate them anyway, we don't miss out on christmas, cause its a pagan ritual that the romans gave a christian meaning .

Update 4:

bonsai bobby: go ahead , let your feelings out!!

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    If you were a theist and you came here to R&S would you get mad?

    I hope that atheist here don't represent the atheists offline.


    Case in point:

    A poster asked in here if you have an intense desire to know God. An atheist posted that, "only if you are delusional". Now that atheist has the right to his opinion, but is that really answering the question that this poster is asking in R*S? It just seems that here the only questions that are acceptable to atheists are questions that criticize or are against religion. I mean this is the Religion and Spirituality section. Yet these very same people get mad when people ask them "why don't they believe in God" or "you are (whatever) for not believing in God". Atheists complain about alledged attempts of conversion, yet they see no problem when an atheist says in a post "Just be an atheist" or "why waste your time and be an atheists". Boy oh boy, I can go on and on and on. Don't even get me started.

    Still no I don't get mad at atheists, but I wish they would look a bit closer in the mirror.

    You asked.


    I never said that you shouldn't be here. Atheists balance out R*S. What I am saying is that when a theists post something that questions their religion or faith, an atheist will tell that person that they are delusional or that they should just be an atheists. I know that some theists do that in the reverse, but two wrongs don't make a right. Plus if you are going to talk about religion in history, it is only in the pretext of religion is bad in history, when religion if you fully look at history isn't all bad. It was the early church that helped people during the plague, just an example.


    What if went to the sports section. I am not into sports and don't really care for it. So a poster ask about a team or game. How would they take it if I did the following:

    1. Gave them my opinion about a team, from what I know. Good or bad.

    2. Call them a bunch of delusional fools and tell them that sports are unproductive, that they should be doing something else.

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    They sure do ... Violation notices this week...

    Violation Notice Email Monday, September 15, 2008

    Deleted Question: What is the question? Jesus is the answer?

    Question Details:

    Violation Reason:Not a Question or Answer

    Violation Notice Email Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    Deleted Question: Don't you just love the mind, the heart, and the mouth of a true christian fanatic?

    Question Details:

    Violation Reason:Not a Question or Answer

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    Totally, not all the time but I am over the double edged sword we all seem to carry. The religious right seems to be pretty grounded in it's ability to not process new information regarding religious theology.

    But when the atheists say that God is not real, to almost every answer, it drives me crazy.

    Hey I am the biggest cheer leader for science...go science. But science has proven to me how little we really know. That is not a reason to jump on the religious band wagon. But it also leaves room for speculation, in my opinion anyway.

    Basically it can go both ways. And nobody knows everything about everything.

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    well...i guess i would be put in the category of a thiest

    although i strongly am against all forms of religion...but i fell there is no way to deny a soul..and i have encountered spirit form first hand.

    my ancestory (native american) were very SPIRITUAL i guess its just in my blood to be like that. i was raised as a christian but changed my beliefs as soon as i was able to think on my own

    with that said...i dont get mad at anyone for their beliefs..i only get mad (well..not even mad, just discouraged) when people of other faiths (athiesm included..becasue in all reality athiests ARE putting their faith in the fact that NOTHING exists) refuse to open their mind and at least ponder other possibilities..even i believe that the christian faith has good points. but i also believe religion was put here to brain wash people and to keep people away from the truth of the true spirit world..its blinding us from the truth that the earth its self is a living being with a spirit of her own..we are all 'godly' ...we are all creators in our own right..

    one of my favorite quotes from mr bob marley

    some people think..great god gonna come from the sky

    take away everything..and make everybody feel high

    but if u know what urs is worth..u will look for urs on EARTH

    on earth..

    lol....ganjas takin over again babe



    i never get mad at athiests for their beliefs

    i dont really blame em


    Source(s): oOoOoOoH....but i do wanna point out something ur name =) it mentions the word soul no athiest believes in a soul maybe ur not as much an athiest as u believe u are just sayin =)
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    Occasionally, but not for being atheists. Bad conduct from anyone is discouraging. Whether it is a so-called "Christian" on a rant and displaying a lack of maturity, or an atheist being vulgar and insulting, or anyone else of any faith being rude, is all the same to me. Well, not quite all the same: it bothers me more when it comes from someone professing to be a Christian.

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    I prefer to channel my anger toward negative characteristics and beliefs,(rather than at personages)..Examples being,arrogance or flippant answers concerning the subject of abortion and total disrespect,toward the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.....I both respect and like many from the Atheist camp and "personally," have not been attacked or persecuted,for my beliefs...I am bold in my answers that are of a serious nature,but (most often) attempt to answer in a Christ-like manner,even when angry....

    Well,little missy...ya done got me all riled up kiddin')

    ((((Sheryl))))...Yup,I do want a cookie!

    EDIT:...The examples that I listed are not exclusive to those of Atheist persuasion,nor do I perceive arrogant like behavior from most folks,in general on R/S....

    I hate arrogance,but not everyone who occassionally offers an arrogant answer,is necessarily an arrogant person...

    Nevermind...Just hoped I didn't come across as angry,in my answer...I am very rarely angry anyway...

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    Judging from some of the questions asked by theists here, quite a few of them do.

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    On this site, no. I don't any of them personally so I don't get *really* mad at any atheists.

    In my house, oh you have no idea. I'm married to one and he can drive me up the wall.

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    I get really mad at atheists and other theists when they tell me I'm delusional due only to my pagan beliefs.

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    I feel sorry for atheists.

    They miss out on a lot of holiday's.

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