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How would you translate "Nante" into English From Japanese?

Ive heard it in sentences such as "Sayounara nante imi ga nai"

Meaning like, "Good bye is meaningless..."

But ive heard it other what is an accurate translation of "nante" into english, and how can one use it?

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    'nante' has two meaning

    1. waht, how

    examples :

    what a man! = nante yatsu da! (both negative and positive meaning)

    how fast the time passes! = nante toki no tatsuno wa hayaindarou!

    what did you say? = nante ittano?

    2. negative meaning, slight something, unexpected

    examples :

    i cnat fancy your doing it. = kimi ga sonna koto wo yaru nante kangae rarenai.

    such is life = jinsei nante sonna monda.

    yo're mad to go out in the storm = arashi no naka wo dekakeru nante douka shiteruyo

    sayonara nante imi ga nai -> no. 2

    Source(s): majored in japanese literature
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    Nante Meaning

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    Nante can have many meanings.

    なんて is simply emphasis. It's used when you're suprised / shocked, whatever. It can also be used mostly for more or less "something like".

    It's reminiscent of the word "like" in english, except "nante" can also be used to replace a subject or topic particle at sometimes. AND it's also a replacement for "Nanto wa" or "to wa".

    Some easier definitions:

    such as; (things) like; "What?!" "How!?"

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