line 6 spider help!!!!!?

i have a line 6 spider 15 watt and every time i turn it on it is extreamly loud. i have had it for a wile so i probably cant return it. ALSO i have no idea where my knobs should be. i am playing it in my room and i have a pretty small room......

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Nice! You made a good decision going with Line6 amps.

    I have several amps by Line6 and one of them is the 15 watt spider.

    Im not sure what you mean it is extremly loud when you turn it on.

    When you turn it on, the master volume knob ( thats the one all the way to the right) should be all the way down. As well as the guitar, whenever you are not playing you should have the volume knob on your guitar all the way down.

    Then when you click your amp on, turn on the guitar vol first, then adjust the amp vol until you are satisfied.

    As for the channel knobs, they each do a different specific thing. Now the four knobs on the left control your tone. The basis of how your guitar sounds is all in those four knobs and of course that fifth knob is the chan vol, you want that all the way up.

    The four buttons above them control the different style of music.

    The last two knobs control different effects. They're just extra little effects to make your guitar sound cool!

    Now the final button, the tap delay button. This button turns on automatically every time you switch from any channel button to Clean. It will give an echo sound.

    Now that button, you tap it twice, and it takes the time in between each tap and echoes it according to that speed, if you want a slow echoing sound you tap twice slowly. if you want it fast tap twice really quick.

    I hope this info helped!

    God Bless


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