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English to Thai Translation - Kee Gai?

Can someone tell me what "Kee Gai," means in English, its a thai phrase I heard in a movie that is bothering me to find out.

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    Thai language is quite confusing. You have to put the whole complete phrase or sentence that comes along with those words to comprehend the exact meaning of those words. But as the words stand by themselves, they mean like this:

    How many chicken?.

    "Kee" is generally used in Thai questions when asking "how many?".

    Kee-wan?. How many days?

    Kee-khon?. How many persons?.

    Kee-loh?. How many dozens?

    Kee-chua-mong?. How many hours?

    Kee-chin?. How many pieces?.

    "Kee" also means "to ride".

    Kee-ma. Ride a horse.

    Kee-oot. Ride a camel.

    Kee-kwai. Ride a buffalo.

    Kee-poo-ying. Ride a woman. (slang, vulgar, crude, dirty usage)

    "Gai" and "Kai" are two Thai words that sound almost the same to the ears of a foreigner (most foreigners can't distinguish the sound difference, while native Thais can).

    Gai - chicken

    Kai - egg

    Gai - chicken is sometimes used as a slang (coloquial usage) that refers to a young lady/woman (same as "chick" in English).

    If you aren't sure whether you heard those words correctly, here are the possible meanings:

    How many chicken?.

    How many eggs?.

    Ride a chicken. (This seems illogical, as nobody rides a chicken, except when you take its vulgar meaning).

    Ride an egg. (This seems illogical as well).



    The poster below me is also correct. "Kee" also means poop or feces. So "Kee Gai' can also mean "chicken poop" or "chicken $hit". This might be the most probable meaning if you saw it in a movie.

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    Kee Gai? it Sounds like a spicy Thai fry rice..

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    I'm Thai

    "Kee Gai" means Chicken's poop

    it doesn't make sense when it comes alone,

    but we have an idiom in which it appear

    "เหยียบขี้ไก่ไม่ฝ่อ" = Yiap Kee Gai Mai Foh

    you say it to someone who cannot deal the problems or something by himself

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    Thai is not a version of English that has been translated... this would make no sense in thai. Being colorful here would likely involve paint.

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    kee can also mean poop in thai/laos so if you heard this in a movie then there probably saying chicken poop?? idk how to explain it to you in english but its like a saying like darn or somethin.

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    Usually it means poop chicken but it depend on the sentence also. It can be different meaning.

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    look on alta vista

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