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Does my computer have 128 MB Video Card, with support for Pixel Shader 2.0?


i have a Intel(R) 82865G Graphics controller

Update 2:

ummmmm this is for spore

and i dont nowere to check for mi motherboard

Update 3:

is it possible for it to have 96 mb

Update 4:

i tried the run then tipe dxdiag n then sum directx dignostic tool came n i chose the display tab it says approx. total memory : 96.0 mb is that rite cuz i never hurd of a graphics card wit dam mb can a graphics card have ani amount of mb

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    how the hell are we meant to know if you dont give us the make and model of your graphics card, or the make of your pc/laptop!!

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    Hey there, if you want to find out graphics specs, click Start, Run, then type in 'dxdiag' and hit enter. A grey box comes up, and click on 'Display'. This will tell you what model card you have, what memory it has, and although it doesn't tell you about Pixel Shaders, you can google your model and find out on the internet.

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    Oops, According to , Your card doesn't have a Pixel Shader at all! Look on ebay for a new one if you need to!

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    3-D Acclerated in basic terms ability a dedicated actual pics card, no longer an onboard pics. A pixel shader is a shader application executed by pics processing unit. It promises 3-D shading and lights outcomes to pixels in an photo. Judging by the criteria, it can be a somewhat previous sport. those pics card help AGP 8X: Gigabyte GV-R13128D (Radeon X1300) Gigabyte GV-N68U256D (GeForce 6800 extremely)

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    Next time you have a problem like this , or if you still want to know for this question, try to get hold of a program like SIV- System Information Viewer, it;s freeware and it will show you an overview of your system in neat tabs, and you will find lots of useful hardware specifications, including motherboard type.


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    What kind of motherboard do you have? Do you have integrated graphics or a separate card? What kind of video card do you have (make and model)? Please be specific. We cannot answer this as there is nowhere near enough information.

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    Ummm... how would we know?

    How about you provide the make and model of the computer, and of the video card in it? :/

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    warhammer online?

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