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Tapping into someone's computer?

Can a person "tap" into your computer if you are emailing that person but they haven't sent you an attachment to open? Would they be able to stop your emails from reaching the other party? I'm talking someone computer savvy.

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    Yes!!! It's very much possible.It is termed as 'Man-In-MIddle' attack.Its like routing a person's connection which is intercepted by the remote attacker that 'sits' between the server & your computer.'They' can not only stop or route your email or traffic but also 'hijack' the user's system without the user having any knowledge that his system has been compromised & can be used to launch severe attacks on others(networks, cooperation, you name it).Even the best anti-virus deployment on the user system could do nothing in fending this offense.The only way a user can stay alert by keeping his/her operating system patched with up-to-date security updates & using a good firewall(Not windows firewall) if the user is skeptic about being 'hijacked'.........

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  • 6 years ago

    If you share a router with a neighbor they can get into my computer and get my email or anything on my computer

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lol you make me laugh "tap" that's funny, and no not just by email but they can get you IP adress and if they are smart...

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