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Any tips would really help!?

My sons 7 months old and still gets up 2 times a night. Once around 3 and then he gets up again when the alarm goes off to wake my fiance up for work. I have to set the alarm and he's never gotten used to it, he always wakes up and cant go back to sleep unless he gets a bottle. I've decided it's time to sleep through the night because he's getting harder to get back to sleep. I dont want to make him cry it out, I just dont think I can stand that, so I would probably give in. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on getting him to sleep through the night and how should we handle the alarm clock situation, should I just put him in his own room now?


Yes he's on solids, he usually eats 2 jars of baby food about 2 hours before bed time, then a bottle after his bath. I would think this is enough to hold him through the night?

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    is he on solids? if so let him pack up through the day, give him snacks, fruit, finger foods.

    this is my routine when i took night feeds away and its never went wrong for me.

    on withdrawing night feeds:

    bath with sleepytime bubbles, massage with lavender cream, bedtime bottle, sleeping, transfer to cot, when waking in the night, take her into our bed, give a cuddle and a dummy, back to sleep.

    on self soothing to go through the night:

    dinner, bath, massage, bottle (but not to put to sleep) let her play and read a story, when she starts fussing and rubbing her eyes, say night night, kisses cuddles, into cot, lullaby light on, i leave the room. she realises im not there and fusses, i go back in stroke her face tell her mummy is here, nothing to be scared of at bedtime etc, she settles down and goes to sleep.

    after a few nights of the latter routine, she learned when i put her down, she isnt scared and she will self soothe herself to sleep, therefore, when she wakes in the night she knows how to self soothe herself to sleep again.

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    My girl is a big eater so even though she eats lots I give her a bedtime snack. If she isn't full enough she won't sleep. She is 8 1/2 months. What I usually give her is her cereal (this is the only time she gets it now) with some fruit and some cheerios ( just a few so she has a finger food- she gets mad if there isn't something she can't feed herself-lol ), it is what helps her sleep I am sure. The alarm thing will only be solved I think if he is in his own room.

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    All babies must learn how to "self-comfort" and how to get themselves ready to sleep. If you always "put" your baby to sleep he never learns how to do so himself and cries until you come and put him to sleep again.

    By 7 months he needs his own room and you need yours. Then he can learn how to get to sleep and self-comfort when he wakes in the night.

    Put him down to sleep full. Do not pick him up when he cries - unless you are sure he is sick or something sounds wrong. When he fusses, go in and quietly tell him it is time to sleep, rub/pat his back for a minute and then go out. Do this every 10 minutes until he puts himself back to sleep. It can take several days to train him that it is ok to put himself back to sleep. Just persist and you both will be happier for it.

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    1st of all I do think that it is time to put him in his own room.Try johnsons bed time wash and then give him a massage with the bedtime lotion as soon as he gets out of the tub and when giving him his night time bottle you can try a few things either switch the baby food at night to a baby cereal or continue to give the baby food and thicken his bottle with just a little bit of rice cereal.Good luck!

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    Well I would give him something heavy to eat at night and that should do the trick. Sometime I give my 10 month old a warm relaxing bath and give her something heavy to eat at night and she falls asleep fast and sleeps through the night.

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    He's not in his own room yet?!?!

    My suggestion to you is to put him in his own room...then you won't have to worry about the alarm clock.

    For the 3 am. wake up...I let my girls cry for 5 minutes, go and rub their back (but NEVER pick them up) leave and the whole process over and over again every 10 minutes, until they eventually fall back to sleep.

    At 7 mths they should be sleeping through the their own rooms.

  • I think he is probably ready to be in his own room. That will get rid of alarm clock situation.

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    Yes, put him in his own room...and I don't know how much he eats before bed, but maybe he needs more so it will keep him until morning.

    Good luck!

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    definitely time to move out of your room. make sure he has a full tummy when you put him down for the night. they recommend controlled crying from 6 months. i know how hard it is to let bubs cry but it hurts you more than him. good luck

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