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Do You Think The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the US Federal Government Share Similiar "Traits" As...?

other CEO's of major organizations across industries? Given, that a CEO of an organization is charged with running the organization by instituting rules and policies set by its board of directors and the President of the United States is supposed to "take care that laws are faithfully executed"...Are there any similiarities in both these roles (CEO of an organization vs. President of the United States)?

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    Well let's see... I seem to remember a CEO Presidential candidate who trumpeted his MBA and his business experience. Now what was his name...,8599,3319... Oh yeah, the CEO President is George W. Bush! Hasn't he done a fine job? Aren't we all better off than we were eight years ago?

    I think the failure of the Bush Presidency has soured most of us on the benefits of a CEO style Presidency.

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    I DISAGREE with the lady CEO from Hewlett Packard-- I think the USA desperately needs a hard-nosed outsider business person-- who will VETO bills that spend too much money-- and prosecute politicians that steal from the public.

    Someone who would eliminate the Department of Education, The Department of Housing and Urban Development, and reduce the Dept of Agriculture down to size -- say about 5,000 employees from their current 100,000 employees. Someone to "clean house" so to speak.

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