about assembly language programming?

how to make an assembly language program that display the alphabets in descending order. and in slanting position.. i only got letters from a to y? why is it?


actually and to tell you honestly.. i donk know the asnwer.. our instructor gave us this assignment and i need to pass it tomorrow... but the problem is i dont know how to make the program..

Update 2:


mov ax,03

int 10h

mov cx,26

mov bl,41h

mov dl,0



mov ah,0

mov dh,dl

int 10h



mov dl,bl

mov ah,2h

int 21h


inc bl

inc dl

loop print


mov ax,4c00h

int 21h

this is the example program ... i just want to revise it to come up with the output he wante to have.

Update 3:

im running this on my pc... in cmd prompt..

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    Are you running this on your pc?

    The key to this will be the loop for Print: and how the program exits from that. Also note that it seems you are starting at a and going up to Y, so you are currently in ascending order and need to start the loop at z, decrement the index down to a, then exit.

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