What is the best way to sell a Motorcycle?

My husband and I are trying to sell his 2000 Harley Dyna Wide Glyde.

One challenge we are having is the Bike is in NC at his brothers house (his brother is more than willing to help us sell it and show it to interested buyers and the title is in his name so he can sign off once it is sold) but we are living in OK. I have listed it on craigslist in NC and a few local classifieds around the Ft Bragg area where the bike is but really have not had much luck, any suggestions?




Let me expain this so it makes alittle more sense. While my husband was stationed in Iraq he bought the bike form his brother after he got home I have convinced him to sell it (we have other things that take priority) we never put the title in my husbands name b/c as soon as he got home we decide to sell it. We didn't see a need to switch it over just to switch it over again. My husband and I moved to OK and left the bike with his brother thinking he would be able to sell it since he is in a bike club and on the base. We have had it for sale for about a month but was just want suggestions on ways to get the word out....

Thanks again for your help!

: ) Ashley

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    I would also pay to have it listed in Motorcycle Trader for 3 months---not sure how much it costs---and if no luck there, then I would contact a local Harley dealer and see if they would like to sell it on consignment. I use to work for 2 dealerships and we sold a lot that way. It will costs you approx. 10% though, but at least they will appraise it correctly with a little "mark-up" which might just cover your cost. Try it.

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    If your buying another bike, then I would just trade it in. If your not riding anymore and just want to get rid of it your choices are;

    Craigs list...


    Local papers....

    Or have a dealer buy it...

    Now if you tried these and its not selling, Its most likely that

    your asking price is to high. Harleys dont keep their values like they used to and today people are buying bikes to save gas, and not because its a harley, chopper etc.

    Last , if you dont sell it soon, the price's will drop even more as its starting to cool down in most of the country.

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    I agree with Billcarr. I'd have the brother take calls and deal with the buyer directly. Eliminate yourself as the owner to those interested. You may offer him a cut if he sells it and maybe he'll get it sold faster. You may even, as was already suggested, lower the price. When the weather starts to get cooler, people expect to get a good deal on a bike.

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    Ebay deiifenitly ebay as they have the best customer service and is pretty well known and everybody visits it for stuff so try ur luck there =)

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    The title is in your brother in laws name but you claim ownership? You own it but its 1000 miles away? I wouldn't buy it either.

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    You could try the local dealer and ask them if they will sell it on consignment.

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    www.cycletrader.com, kijii ?, and why not advertise where you live, just have your brother sign it so it's ready to go.

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