Great actors/actresses who died young?

Such as:

James Dean
Heath Ledger
River Phoenix

Please help, I need as many as possible.

Update: Billie Holliday acted?
Update 2: Let's say 30 years and younger,

and let's just use the term "great" relatively, as in a "great" actor, meaning they did a "great" job at acting, or try taking your meds.
Update 3: actors please!
Update 4: films! movies!
Update 5: It's for an not exactly pointless. Still, let me know what works for you and I may be interested... I imagine it'll be quite strong.
Update 6: It's an assignment- you just need to calm down fellow.
What retard weekly? Again, maybe you can help with that. You might find one under your pile of pointless anger monologues.
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