I was thinking about removing the carpet from the stairs. What problems will I have?

The carpet that's there is stained and it's a pain to vacuum. I was thinking about taking out the carpeting. I can see under the stairs in the basement, an the steps are pine so I assume that the other steps are pine, too, and not press-board. If that's the case, I think the only other problem I have is rounding the edges of the steps so they look right and are comfortable on bare feet; I only have the basic household tools. Have you ever removed the carpet from your stairs? What problems did you encounter? I'm thinking about staining the steps to match the doors in the house and painting the other parts (sorry, don't know what they're called). I think the look will add some style to the entryway, which is small and kind of bland right now. What do you think?


I think they call the parts I want to paint ...'treads'. I'll paint the ballisters the same color and leave the banister stained the same color as the steps. Sound good to you?

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    Just removed carpet from our stairs in the entryway. We found mdf board...ick. Thrifty me tried to paint it-the paint wears off along with the mdf. I purchased pine treads (foot step) and raisers (back of stair) at Menard's for no more than $11 a piece (depends on length). They are already rounded on the edge but a small router would get you a rounded edge. I am going to paint mine white with several coats of poly to harden and keep the paint intact this time. Then I will be running a small runner up the middle so my children don't slide down the stairs from all the coats of poly.

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    Your plan is doable. If the stairs are pine and are not rounded at the edge, it will require a router with a round over bit. You can use sand paper to round over the edges, but it is a lot of work and you may not get it perfect. Still it can be done. Matching the stain to the doors in the house can be tricky. You might have to get several different stains and mix them together to get the same look. Test the stain on a test piece of pine. Also, the finish (polyurethane) will change the color somewhat adding a bit of a yellow. If it is pine, then prior to staining, use a wood conditioner. Pine is notorious for absorbing stain differently in sections. The wood conditioner allows even application of the stain.

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    We removed the carpet from our stairs once...and replaced them after a year. Yeah, they were easier to clean and looked nice, but two significant problems were the incredible noise (it carried all sorts of sound from both the stairs and the upstairs rooms) and the fact that the kids kept slipping and falling down the stairs because of the lack of traction.

    To give you a list of potential problems you might possibly encounter:

    1) Old treads may be painted with lead-based paint.

    2) Nail holes and damage caused by carpet tacks.

    3) Cracked treads and areas of dry rot.

    All of these are fixable but do require time and money.

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    Oak Stair Treads Menards

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    Sounds good- you could also paint the stairs themselves, if you find that the wood doesn't look good enough to stain. An idea: the risers (the vertical part between the stairs) can be painted or stained. You could stain the steps and paint the risers to match or contrast with the bannisters. Good luck!

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    I'd love to not have capeting on my stairs as well. I don't like vacuuming and the carpet was stained when we moved in. I'm still trying to convince my husband to have the carpet removed.

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    The wood is stained from the staples/nails and you will not be able to lighten this up...you can stain it dark though and you won't be able to notice these as much. Chances are this will bother you more than anyone else.

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    Should be okay, it should be a straightforward job!

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