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Dont you think the ATF with there support of anti-gun legislation should be a little bit more responsible?

if they wanted to be taken serious? I have never had any respect for these retards and this just shows there abilities. One of the three MAIN tasks they have and they are not responsible enough to do that without phuckin it up.

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    ATF has been a poorly run agency for decades. They were the reason the Branch Davidian fiasco in Waco even began. Someday, hopefully, they will get some adult supervision in there and clean things up.

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    Please show me any evidence that the ATF supports anti gun legislation. Their only function is to enforce the law of the land. I know many ATF agents that are very pro gun. I even know some democrats that are pro gun. Even a few republicans that are anti gun. Diversity, that's what makes America work.

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    I think the ATF should be abolished and it's duties taken over by the FBI and the US Marshalls office.

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