What is chanachur? Is it an indian food? i need a good website that tells me about it?

I need a good website with some pictures. Please any indian skilled cooks do you know what chanachur is??!?!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Chanachur is an Indian snack mix, it comes in regular (Namkeen) and spicy. There are a maximum of 12 different items in it. It's like Indian Chex Snack Mix!

    You can see a description and pictures here (enlarge the Chanachur and Namkeen pictures) http://www.bombaysweetsbd.com/product.php?SubCatId...

    It is made up of ingredients that are all fried and some people like to have the mild one with vinegar on it. "Chana chur is essentially a mixture of two or more main components. The most common ingredients are fried noodles made from pulse flour, for example, black gram flour; flour chips of different shapes and sizes; fried and puffed dhals; cereals and peanuts. Spices and condiments are used to flavour the mixture. "


  • 6 years ago

    Correction. It is not a Indian dish. It is Bangladeshi. Indian dish is called Chevra which is similar to Chananchur. Bombay Sweets is a popular food company in Bangladesh.

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    i want to know chanachur in details. please sent a term paper about chanachur.

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