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Is the NFL endorsing Obama?

I just finished watch "NFL ACCESS" and Im still in shock. A political puff piece for Obama like you couldnt believe. Former NFL player "Rosie Grier" was highlighted for his support of Obama. Rosie got plenty of air-time to use in making a comparison between Bobby Kennedy and Obama.

The only way I can make sense of this shocking out-of-the-blue endorsement of Obama is that Rosie was supposedly a former republican. Maybe thats how they rationalized "balance" in the puff piece. Of course, a "winning a convert" story only scores even more points for the Democrats and does the opposite of add balance. It all sounded supscious anyway because Rosie was supposedly a part of Bobby Kennedy's campaign, loved Bobby, and of course Bobby was a Democrat.

Now...I turn on the NFL channel to get away from politics. I turn on the NFL channel to watch pieces on the NFL. In fact, one of the things I love about the NFL is how it gets people to drop a political outlook and share a common bond of "team".

I think most people would agree that we get much to much political coverage and propaganda as it is from non-specialized news outlets (FOX, CNN, etc). I cant think of anything that could hurt the NFL more quickly than alientating half its customer base by chosing sides and adopting a party.

If this ticks you off as well, send a message to the NFL and let them know, like I did.


EDIT - Why would it matter? The issue is whether the NFL has pulled ugly bait and switch. Whether they have broken an unspoken trust / contract. But to answer your question ..."yes", any talk about politics at all on the NFL would definetly bother me. I go to the NFL to get away from the crap.

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    You wouldnt think so, because Obama would tax them out of business.

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    Can I ask you an honest question? Would you have been this upset if they appeared to be endorsing McCain? I'm not trying to flame, I'm genuinely curious.

    EDIT - fair enough then and I would tend to agree that given the saturation in the general media, it would be nice to have a channel to watch to get away from it all. Thanks for answering me without abusing me! (you know how this place can be)

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    Entertainer's should stay out of politics.

    NFL player's will be some of the biggest loser's if BHO is elected because of his tax increases

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    I know that the NFL has lost there minds if they think there

    endorsement will help Obama..just the opposite..most jocks are dumb

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    NOPE! If anyone said anything that was their PERSONAL opinion and it has as much importance as any other Hollyweird twit that comments.

    Celebrities know nothing and their OPINIONS don't matter.

    Source(s): McCain/Palin
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    Do you watch the channel 24/7? How can you be sure there haven't been pieces for the Republican side?

    And even then it was only outlining ONE player's opinion.

  • He might make a great Quarterback, but a lousy President.

    McCain 08

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    I'm glad they are taking a stand for what is good and right.

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