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How can I grow my hair quickly??

I got a lousy haircut. I want my hair back in three weeks since i have a major party then. Any ways to get your hair long quickly? like am magic wand or something???

ps no hair extensions!!!!!


I wanted thinning but the beautician got it all wrong

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    You can't grow your hair back so quickly. It takes maybe months to get hair really long. You need natural elements for faster hair growth. You need proper nutrition, daily exercise and prevention from heat styling products such as straighteners and blowdryers. But there are some things you can try for hair growth which will help hair grow faster than usual but you just have to wait for the better results. To grow hair quickly there are different methods.

    Try to use a shower instead of tumblers to pour water on your head.

    Hair needs proper care, you should wash your hair with shampoo and to keep it strong and healthy. There are clinics that can grow your hair very fast with the help of cosmetics and therapy. I suggest you consult any beautician to help you with the issue. There is a good chance that they will give you a proper treatment for your hair and a description of what to apply on your hair. Keep trimming it once in a while. This will help you to get rid of split ends too which hamper hair growth.

    Here are some tips which will help for better hair growth:

    Take biotin. Skin, nails, and hair rely on biotin to grow. Therefore, if we feed our bodies more biotin, our skin will look better, our nails will be stronger, and our hair will grow faster and be stronger. The daily recommended allowance is 0.2 mg but you should up that to encourage more growth. (Note that eating raw egg whites for several days can prevent the absorption of biotin.)

    Massage your scalp at least five minutes every day for good blood circulation in the scalp.

    At least two times a week, add olive oil to your hair and leave overnight and wash off the next day.

    Remember to rinse off your shampoo and conditioner all off or else your hair would get wrecked and eventually fall.

    Avoid any chemical hair products and apply hair remedies like vinegar, a natural fruit hair mask made with oatmeal and mashed fruits.

    Hope this helps! (:

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    Massaging makes a lot of difference to the rate at which hair grows, so a regular massage with any oil of your choice is recommended to speed up the process. Try for more details.

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    Apparently if yoy massage your scalp, it helps the blood flow to the roots of the hair and stimulates it to grow faster, although you probably wont get all your length back.


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    Well, first of all, Why did you got that kind of haircut? For me, I wouldn't like that kind of haircut. But, there is a way! You can use a conditioner that will make your hair straighter, shinier and of course, longer! And I think you know what it is! It is Creamsilk!

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