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I Can't Be With You 翻譯

這首是The Cranberries(小紅莓)的歌



Lying in my bed again

And I cry cause you're not here.

Crying in my head again

And I know that it's not clear.

Put you hands, put your hands

Inside my face and see that it's just you.

But it's bad and it's mad

And it's making me sad

Because I can't be with you.

Be with you (x6)

Baby I can't be with you.

Thinking back on how things were,

And on how we loved so well.

I wanted to be the mother of your child,

And now it's just farewell.

Put you hands in my hands

And come with me.

We'll find another end.

And my head, and my head

On anyone's shoulder.

'Cause I can't be with you.

Be with you (x6)

Baby I can't be with you.

Cause you're not here.

You're not here.

Baby, I can't be with you.

'Cause you're not here.

You're not here.

Baby, still in love with you.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    躺在我哭的我的床再次和 引起,你不在這裡。 在我的頭再次和 裡哭,我知道它不清楚。 放你手,放你的在裡面的手 我的臉,看見這是只你。 但是它是壞的,正為我做悲哀因為 我不能和你在一起,這是發狂。 和你嬰兒在一起,我不能和你在一起。 關於事情怎樣向后認為,和關於我們怎樣愛得如此好。 我想要是你的孩子的母親,現下這正是告別。 放你交與我一起來的我的手和 。 我們將找到另一個末端。 以及我的頭和我的迎面 任何人的肩。 ' 引起,我不能和你在一起。 和你嬰兒在一起,我不能和你在一起。 原因你不在這裡。 你不在這裡。 寶貝,我不能和你在一起。 ' 原因你不在這裡。 你不在這裡。 寶貝,仍然愛你。

  • 1 decade ago

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    我只不過說你用機器翻譯...不要亂翻 ,你們知識團要不要解散





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