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Songs about losing a loved one to suicide?

I'm looking for some good songs that have to do with losing a loved one to suicide. anyone know of any? thanks...

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    Well, this song isn't necessarily about that, but I can't hear it without it making me think of my closest friend and deepest love, who hung himself on Easter morning of this year. We had separated years ago, but he was always with me in an unspoken way, even after we both married other people. He left behind a wife who couldn't understand what he needed and a daughter that wasn't old enough to to be able to remember him in later years. I think his suicide affected me on a much deeper level than his wife. She left a cold, emotionless voicemail on my phone to inform me of his suicide. I must've wept for weeks. Not crying, but all-out weeping. I still have days that I think about him and fall apart.

    Anyway, sorry... back to what you asked... the song -

    My Immortal by Evanescence - just pay attention to the lyrics and I think you will understand why I'm mentioning this song. Don't ask me about the rest of their music because I am unfamiliar with it. I don't listen to a lot of modern bands - most everything I listen to is older.

    Another song that's not about suicide but you will understand once you listen - Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - ONLY this version. Many people have done this song, but Israel's version will make you cry. Don't bother with any other version. To save you some trouble, you can hear it here:

    Edit: Thumbs down? I don't know who would give a thumbs down to an answer that's purely from the heart, but gee, way to sh*t on someone who's actually been there.

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    Hold On- Good Charlotte Untitlied- Simple Plan My Immortal- Evanescence

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    Alone you Breathe Savatage - Best song I ever heard that deals with with suicide.

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    I've only heard one slightly related to this... but it's more to do with the thoughts of the person who wants to/ does commit suicide...

    It's a really sad song but with an upbeat tune and I can't hear it without sobbing and I've never known anyone whose committed suicide...

    Anyway I'm just warning you it's really really sad.

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    Strays Don't Sleep - For Blue Skies

    The Offspring - Gone Away

    Evanescence - My Immortal


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    Baby don t cut- Bmike

    This song is about someone s girlfriend killing herself, and the message in the song is not to do it and how much it hurts people in his situation. This song helps me a lot.

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    Chantal Kreviazuk : "Surrounded"

    U2: "Stuck in a Moment"

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    this song is about death in general.

    one of my favorites. actually the number of my top played in itunes.

    grace- kate havnevik

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    Jesus - Brand New

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    Finally, that's what I was searching for! Thanks op of this question.

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