Vegetable strike!!!!?

My 7 month old daughter has decided she no longer likes vegetables. She will eat maybe one or two motuhfuls, screw her face up then refuse to eat anymore...she will then proceed to eat a huge bowlful of fruit. I have tried making a pasta with chicken a vegies (which I know tastes good because I usually end up eating it lol), and various other vegie dishes with little success. I know that she gets most of her nutrients from my breastmilk but if she doesn't eat much in the way of solids I end up feeding her what feels like ALL the time.

What I have been doing is offering vegies to start the meal, then when she refuses I give her fruit and every few mouthfuls she gets vegies again (which really does ot impress her). Does this sound ok or do you think it is not a good idea to make her cranky every few motuhfuls by giving her the veggies...would it be better just to offer veggies to start with then as much fruit as she wants?

Any tips, info etc would be greatly appreciated...and if your child did this, did it last long?


Piscestar..... she is 7 months (not years) I don't technically mean a bowlful but she does eat alot... She's been on solids since four months so has quite a developed pallette lol.

And my personal belief is that babies can digest alot more than we give them credit for

Oh...and Lucy wants to say hi....


Update 2:

lol...she even managed to "submit" that somehow before I'd even finished!!

Update 3:

lol...she even managed to "submit" that somehow before I'd even finished!!

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    I read a great interview in the New York Times this morning about children and nutrition, the first question sent is about getting your kids to eat their veges! The doctor has a lot of good points, mainly don't make your kids eat their veges suprisingly but with a lot of great points and suggestions.

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    Stick with the vegetables and even though she might not like them. She likes the fruit cause it is sugary! I have used these tricks, they will sound weird, but I swear they will work!: Mix a veggie with a little bit of fruit, doesn't really matter what kind, shoot, I was mixing pears and sweet potatoes and they gobbled it on up, a lot of times, if you put it all in rice cereal they will hardley notice and taste difference. Also, now this one was always hard for it and be obvious about it, exagerate and go YUM!!! She will probably be more interested if her mommy is eating it and then when she takes abite, make a huge deal out of it and start clapping going "Yay!" Good Luck

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    My cousins daughter does the same thing and she is now 2 years old yesterday was her birthday :) and shes upsest with fruits and not much of a vegetable person but its wierd because she likes Prunes ahahha LoL but honestly if you keep giving her that she will be hungry and ending up eating it with no choice still keep it as open as possible thats what i would do with my son if he turns out like that!! Good Luck :)

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    I haven't read this book, but I think I may buy it. It is a bunch of recipes on how to hide veggies in yummy food, like cake. My son is 2, and the only vegetable he will eat regularly is corn. The book at the below site is written by Jerry Seinfeld's wife, Jessica.

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    The way I got my baby to eat his solids was to invest in a really good processor (I got me the Blendtec Total Mixer) and put everything I wanted him to eat in there in the right proportion. If your baby likes fruit, put in the fruit and the vegetable together. If you also add the meat and the pasta, you'll get this puddin like mixture that's absolutely yummy! Now, if your girl won't eat this mixture, put in a banana. Now, she won't be able to resist!

    When my boy got a bit bigger, I also tried putting whatever he wouldn't eat (pureed) into home made bread. He ate it all.

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    My baby sister who is now 2 did the same exact thing, so I tried everything and with your method it will just make them refuse any food at all in fear of getting something nasty eventually. What I did is pretend to sneeze the vegetables out my nose, it worked for every spoonful, and she began eating them normally again in about two weeks.

    Hope this works! GOOD LUCK!!

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    I started my baby on solids at 5 months and the doc told me to only give her veggies then introduce fruit. because fruit is sweeter then veggies. she is now 7 months old and eats everything i give her.

    Try to give her veggies for breakfast. lol sound weird but try it. she is at her hungriest in the morning. im sure she will eat her veggies then after give her breast.

    be pacient babies arfe difficult. dont give in. i once spent 2 hours feeding my baby.

    Good luck.

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    I'm smiling coz what she is doing sounds a little bit cute lols. I think what you are doing is fine. You should continue to encourage her to eat her veggies as you want her to develop a taste for them not think that she doesn't have to eat them

    Good luck

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    try sweeter veggies. Sweet potatoes were always a favorite with my kids. Try cooking carrots (until they are very soft) and cut into small pieces. The texture is new and they become thrilled that they can feed themselves.

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    Stay strong, do not give in to her because if you give in now when she becomes older she it will only make it worse. Try different variety of Veggies maybe its just certain ones that she doesn't like.

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