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Why are these kind of dogs so cute?? :)?

Arent these just the cutest dogs?? awwww i want one but my hubby wants a diffrent kind of dog...we have talks lol...but these are so darn cute!!! Lab puppy.

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    ALLLLL puppies are cute, doesnt matter what the breed. There is scientific research that babies are made small, cute, and helpless in order for the adults to care for them more, and in our case, think they are adorable usually all animals babies are pretty darn cute.

    I for one am NOT a Lab fan, but do find the puppies very cute.

    Source(s): 9 years as Shelter manager, wildlife rehaber, raising orphaned animals, investigator for animal abuse\neglect and years of owning,training, breeding many types of Animals
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    I happen to think that labs and golden retrievers are the cutest puppies in the world. They are the best dogs for families with children because of their good temperment and they're so well behaved when properly trained. Good luck in talking your hubby into getting one of these adorable babies.

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    Most babies are cute and adorable so that they can survive, as in, someone or something will take care of them - unfortunately children grow up, oops sorry, we were talking about puppies right, yep, all breeds are just gorgeous when young, then some grow up to be cute in some people's eyes, and others in other people's eyes.

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    All puppies are cute so you should never buy a dog based on the puppy cuteness factor. You should love they way they will look when fully grown, how suitable they are for your lifestyle and, most especially, their temperament.

    Puppies only stay puppies for a few months. My boy is 5.5 months old and looks like an adult.

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    oh yess those dogs are just precious....unfortunately they dont stay that way forever....though even when they get older they are still cute....i wish they would stay the same their whole lives :)

    hope you get a good loving puppy soon :)

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    i agree they are pretty cute

    Source(s): but theses little guys are cuter
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    you are so right they are just so cute

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    i know, i luv luv LUV labs.

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    b/c their baby's

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