Why doesn't beer have nutritional information?

I already know where to find it, that's not what I'm asking. I understood it to be law that every food and drink product (even water!) must carry nutritional information and ingredients listing and yet, even American beers don't carry this information. It is not on the bottle, the six pack, or the case. What I want to know is: what loophole have they found and exploited?


Okay, you guys are thinking, BUT if WATER which has NO ingredients and NO nutritional value has to carry the label that says so, why doesn't beer (even IPA which has 190 calories, 20g Carbs, and has more ingredients than water) I don't want to hear "well, the nutrition isn't much so..." I want legal information! With a source!!!

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    The FDA doesn't require alcoholic beverages to. There are three reasons for this. The first is that it's unnecessary, since the nutritional value of alcoholic drinks is basically nil and the ATF already monitors what kinds of things are used in the making of beer, wine and spirits, to make sure that products are what they say they are. The ATF does require the % alcohol by volume to be printed on the package, along with the total volume, from which you can figure out the total volume and hence total Calories from alcohol (7Cal per mL), which is the source for the vast, vast majority of calories in a drink.

    The second reason is that it's impractical and irrelevant, as many the ingredients used in making the alcohol, in addition to being tightly held secrets by the manufacturers, often bear no relation to the final product. You can make beer from yeast, water, barley, and hops, but there won't be any barley or hops in the bottle, and if it's been pasteurized there won't be any yeast left. So it will be labeled as water, alcohol, and possibly congeners, which would be the same list of ingredients on nearly every other alcoholic beverage. Not exactly informative, is it?

    Finally, the last reason is that no one seems to care very much. A few years ago the FDA brought up the possibility of requiring alcoholic beverages to have nutrition facts on them, but after a survey of drinkers around the country, they found out that demand for this sort of bureaucratic requirement was non-existent.

    But seriously, if you measured the volume of most drinks on the market (sweet wine being a bit of an exception), you'd find that the total volume of things other than water and alcohol in most drinks, even ones like whisky, is sufficiently small that it wouldn't have to be reported on nutritional labels anyway.

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    Nutritional Value Of Beer

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    If you are curious you can do a little internet research to find the nutrition information for most alcoholic beverages. And to respond to some people who already tried to answer this question.. maybe people are interested in calories? carbs? sugar? and some alcoholic beverages have vitamins and minerals too, so it's not stupid to want to know the nutrition facts. I don't really know if you wanted to actually know the nutrition facts or just why they don't put the label on, but I guess if its the latter I didn't really answer your question

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    It isn't controlled by the FDA which requires the nutritional information. It is controlled by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms which doesn't require food labels. Hope this helped!

    Source(s): I was interested about this as well and talked to people about it.
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    It doesn't have nutritional information because it has no nutritional value.

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