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why does my meyers parrot hate me?

this has never happened to me before, but every bird is different. this has gone on way too long. im aware i ask a lot of questions, but i really need any help possible with this one. ok information time:

he is just over 2 years old. he is normally very affectionate with me. he used to be very affectionate with everyone, but i was his mommy, you know? the one who he cried for when iwasn'tt home and really depended on. but about 5 months ago i was playing online tetris (in fact i think i may have posted a different question with more info on this subject around then, not sure) and he was sitting on the speaker like he always does, there wasnt volume on, no sudden movement, i didnt touch him, and he flew off the speakers and started wigging out on the floor. he hasnt let me touch him since then, whenever i come near his cage he flies up into his bed. he tries to bite me whenever i stick my hand in the cage. according to my mother, he cries for me all day while im at school but he just hates me. i try talking to him, being the one to take care of him, feeding him treats like popcorn that i know he loves, but it seems like the only person he allows to take him out of the cage is my mother. the most i get is being able to scratch his head through the bars of his cage. im definately looking for tips on what i can do to solve this, but im more interested in what caused this. is it his age or something? could he have been molting this long? any advice helps, thanks much!


i just want to thank everyone so far for their answers. theyre very encouraging and helpful :)

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    I have a question for you . . . did you hand feed this meyers as a baby bird? From what I hear, it's normal for a parrot to turn on it's parent figure when it reaches sexual maturity (which your bird probably has done at just over 2 years old). Lots of loving attention is about the only way to make him like you again.

    Good luck!

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    It definitely sounds to me like something happened to him while he was on the speaker. You may want to check and see if the wires were not all the way hooked up and he may have possibly been shocked a tiny bit while he was up there? I'm not certain WHAT has happened, however if your bird is still allowing your mother to hold him- it suggests somehing happened that day that he related directly to you, even though it wasn't you.

    You may now need to start at 'ground zero' and through talking with him gently, slow movements, sole care giver, etc build his trust up again. Be aware this could take a short amount of time or a very long time before you are able to re-establish his trust.

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    To me it seems like your bird has be come phobic.

    Read this article.


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