chat rooms on yahoo?

how to i find out how to chat with others or get into a chat room?

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    You must be 18 years old and older to be able to enter Yahoo Chatrooms.

    Here’s how to chat in Yahoo chatrooms

    If you have Yahoo Messenger installed on your computer, from the Messenger menu near the top, select Yahoo! Chat and Join a Room.

    Pick the Yahoo! ID you want to display in the chat room* and then select the room you want to join.

    Click ‘Regional’ to take you to different countries. Or, you can browse by category to bring up the room you want to enter.

    Click the Go to Room button near the bottom of the window.

    When the chatroom window opens, you will find that your id and Yahoo Adminstrator are the only ones in the list of chatters.

    You need to undergo a verification process EACH TIME you want to join Yahoo chatrooms.

    This has been setup by Yahoo to prevent automated bots and spammers to give us all REAL people enjoyment in chatting.

    When you join a chatroom a chatroom window will open with the following message --

    ( To help prevent spam and bots from disrupting your Yahoo! chat experience, please click here to verify your account (this link will open a new web browser window). This step is required before you can begin chatting.

    Underneath this message is the Captcha. (blue link) that you need to click ONCE.

    When a new web browser opens, the following message appears -

    "To join the chatroom please complete the following verification." and "Please enter the characters shown above"

    Type in the characters in the box and then click submit.

    When you have copied the characters correctly, a new web browser opens to congratulate you. Close the web browser. Click on the link to see what I am saying.

    After a few seconds the chatroom window will open up.

    Get in on the conversation! It works just like an instant message - type your comments in and click send.

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    After you get logged into yahoo messenger look up at the top of it you will see Messenger , Contacts, Actions ,Help. Click on messenger then down about half way click on Yahoo! Chat and then Join room.

    That will open a new window with all the chat room categories which will be on the left side and the room listings will be on the right side.

    Lets say you want to go to a music room? you just find Music on the left side and click on it that will make all the available music rooms show up on the right side. Then maybe you want to try one of the Rock rooms,so just click on the little + sign and that will expand and show all the rooms that are under Rock. Double click on which ever room you want to go into.

    A small window will pop up with some numbers and letters that is called the captcha screen, fill it out and hit enter. If for some reason that don't show up just look up at the top of the chat room window and you will see a big long blue colored link, click on that and it will open a web page captcha screen for you to fill out. Fill it in hit enter or whatever it is and you will be officially in a chat room.

    If you want to change rooms just hit the Chat button at the top of the room window and repeat the selection process and join another room.

    Hope this helps

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    How do you get in a chat room in yahoo

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  • Yes! Follow what Foamy said, but just to warn you, the Chat Rooms are filled with teenagers who are willing to pick up other teenagers. Also they are filled with lots and lots of Bots. You will get IM's left and right from Bots (Fake computer gliches that come out of the blue with no purpose. The names tied to these Bots are NOT real names, they are fake) Do NOT answer them, Click on Ignore or else they will keep on coming even when you exit the chat rooms.

    Just Be Aware!!!

    Remember► 'I told you so.'

    Mr. Jeff

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    These comments are all false now. Yahoo Chat is no longer an option in Yahoo messenger

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    how to i find out how to chat with others or get into a chat room?

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    Go to your Yahoo Messenger main menu and click on:

    Messenger > Yahoo Chat > Join Room > Choose a room that you wish to enter. (User created rooms are no longer available, only Yahoo created rooms are available) > Click "Go To Room" > A window will pop up requiring you to enter a CAPTCHA (security code) before entering the room. > Click "OK"

    You will then be entered into the room of your choice.

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    I do not see Yahoo Chat in Messenger drop down menue

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    at least u are 18 above and u know how to do when u are in chat room.

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