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What is a liberals viewpoint on gun control?

I need this for a report and also want to know- what is gun control again??? and also what to liberals believe should be done about gun control

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    The majority of liberals use gun control to curb crime...unfortunately it only stops the law abiding from using, buy, owning guns legally and still allows criminals to gain them.

    Chicago has a complete handgun ban...Mayor Daley, Gov. Blago, and Obama are all Democrats.

    Obama says he supports the Second Amendment, but his voting says otherwise....

    Facts about Obama.

    FACT: Barack Obama voted to allow reckless lawsuits designed to bankrupt the firearms industry.1

    FACT: Barack Obama wants to re-impose the failed and discredited Clinton Gun Ban.2

    FACT: Barack Obama voted to ban almost all rifle ammunition commonly used for hunting and sport shooting.3

    FACT: Barack Obama has endorsed a complete ban on handgun ownership.2

    FACT: Barack Obama supports local gun bans in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and other cities.4

    FACT: Barack Obama voted to uphold local gun bans and the criminal prosecution of people who use firearms in self-defense.5

    FACT: Barack Obama supports gun owner licensing and gun registration.6

    FACT: Barack Obama refused to sign a friend-of-the-court Brief in support of individual Second Amendment rights in the Heller case.

    FACT: Barack Obama opposes Right to Carry laws.7

    FACT: Barack Obama was a member of the Board of Directors of the Joyce Foundation, the leading source of funds for anti-gun organizations and “research.”8

    FACT: Barack Obama supported a proposal to ban gun stores within 5 miles of a school or park, which would eliminate almost every gun store in America.9

    FACT: Barack Obama voted not to notify gun owners when the state of Illinois did records searches on them.10

    FACT: Barack Obama voted against a measure to lower the Firearms Owners Identification card age minimum from 21 to 18, a measure designed to assist young people in the military.11

    FACT: Barack Obama favors a ban on standard capacity magazines.12

    FACT: Barack Obama supports mandatory micro-stamping.13

    FACT: Barack Obama supports mandatory waiting periods.2

    FACT: Barack Obama supports repeal of the Tiahrt Amendment, which prohibits information on gun traces collected by the BATFE from being used in reckless lawsuits against firearm dealers and manufacturers.14

    FACT: Barack Obama supports one-gun-a-month sales restrictions.9

    FACT: Barack Obama supports a ban on inexpensive handguns.9

    FACT: Barack Obama supports a ban on the resale of police issued firearms, even if the money is going to police departments for replacement equipment.9

    FACT: Barack Obama supports mandatory firearm training requirements for all gun owners and a ban on gun ownership for persons under the age of 21.9

    Source(s): Gun Owner, NRA member NObiden '08
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    You will find that "liberals" have differing views on many things including gun control.

    "Gun control" also means different things to different people. Gun control is any action by the state that regulates the ownership of any firearm. Things that could be considered gun control would include preventing everyone from having any gun, preventing children from having guns guns, denying the right to carry a handgun concealed, denying the right of gun ownership to the mentally ill, or felons, having a database of gun owners, or concealed carry owners, requiring background checks for people wishing to purchase guns, or not allowing guns on certain properties etc etc.

    To me, some "gun control" is commonsense and other "gun control" is screwed up....and I suspect that many people feel generally the same, although they may not have exactly the same points of control the feel comfortable with, or think are "screwed up".

    Traditionally "liberals" have been in favor of wider gun control, whereas conservatives have been in favor of limited, less or no gun control

    Source(s): Me; Cop
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    Lets see what a prominent gun control supporting Liberal from the '60 said about the Gun Control Act of 1969.

    Robert Sherrill, author of the book, "The Saturday Night Special", and a major supporter of gun control wrote that the object of the Gun Control Act of 1968 was black control rather than gun control. According to Sherrill, Congress was so panicked by the ghetto riots of 1967 and 1968 that it passed the act to "shut off weapons access to blacks, and since they (Congress) probably associated cheap guns with ghetto blacks and thought cheapness was peculiarly the characteristic of imported military surplus and the mail-order traffic, they decided to cut off these sources while

    leaving over-the-counter purchases open to the affluent."

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    First, I would suggest using proper punctuation in your report. Notice that you left out your apostrophe in liberal's. Your teacher will count off for this.

    There is no real clear cut answer to your question because different "liberals" have different attitudes about gun control.

    Some feel that no guns should be allowed while others feel that only handguns should be banned.

    So the attitude varies from outright banning all guns to allowing hunting rifles and such. Most liberals would be satisfied to see just handguns either banned or heavily regulated.

    I hope this helps you.

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    A "liberals" view? The definition of gun control is simply this little one. Being able to hit what you are aiming at. Both Liberals and conservatives are in agreement with this definition.

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    The liberal viewpoint is unless you live in a gated community you do not need to keep guns the cops will take care of you.

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    Please see the site listed and pay special attention to the part on kennasaw Ga.the liberal media does not want you to know the facts

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    This one believes the 2nd amendment should be repealed.

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    Liberals really feel that Americans have a right to have arms. They are always trying to lift restrictions that the conservatives try to put in place.

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