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Spiritually speaking, why was Madonna more successful than Pat Benatar, who was way hotter and more talented?

That's pretty much the whole question.

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    Madonna as in mother mary or Madonna the singer.

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    Because Madonna was better at getting the shock value -- she was more outrageous and sexual rather than sexy, and that sells.

    I agree -- Pat Benatar is a far superior vocalist.

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    I agree. Madonna is such a crashing bore.

    Guess it goes to show you -- no one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.

    Source(s): A third-generation freethinker
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    Spiritually speaking, success has nothing to do with spirituality.

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    The masses as a mass are rather stupid. There is a line in MIB like "People as individuals are smart, but as a whole they are stupid and panicky." (Agent K to agent J).

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    Better marketing skills.

  • Karl P
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