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R&P What are your thoughts on this video?(Details Inside)?

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I have seen this video several times and I was wondering what everyone would think of it. What is your opinion on the celebrity persona and the media in general? Do you agree with the message in this video?

MQ: Songs about conforming/conformity?


Thank you for your opinion it is rather sad that the world has become obsessed with money and the media. I will look the song up thx.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I hate the media. Dont ever watch MTV or anything like that... al they do is try to sell you things and advertise artists that dont deserve to be famous. And the media makes such a huge deal out of small things... all for $$$. That's why i dont watch TV anymore... The only things i watch are things like ghost hunters, La ink, paranormal state, interevention, and shows like that.

    I totally agree with the message. My AP US history teacher made us do an essay on a song by "the flobots" it also talks about the media and corporations taking over ppls minds. u should totally listen to it!

    its called "There's a war going on for your mind"

    um here it is.

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