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How does Sarah Palin feel about the Bush doctrine?

I was watching either the daily show or colbert report (can't remember), and they painted her to look like she had no idea what it meant, by not showing the entire clip.

So what was her complete answer to this question? I'm not trying to be biased. I just want to know how she feels about the Bush doctrine.


Oh God. I didn't realize it was that bad. Thanks for the youtube clip.

Update 2:

For those of you who are confused. The Bush doctrine is generally accepted to be the new foreign policy of pre-emptively striking nations. They teach you this in entry college level government.

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    What does the 90% of America who can't recognize the Bush Doctrine have to do with Palin? They aren't running for VP, and it isn't part of their job to keep up with politics. I believe there are people that aren't familiar with the Monroe Doctrine, but they don't get paid for being involved in politics and are not expected to know all about government..

    She seemed to have no idea. I have heard about the Bush Doctrine in passing myself, but I don't specifically know what it is. If there are four policies to the "Bush doctrine," then perhaps she should familiarize herself with the four policies... Regardless, it was very plain that she had no clue as to what it was. She seemed to be caught off guard, licking her lips nervously, and decided to cobble together a bunch of words that hardly anyone could follow without rewatching the clip. o_O It seems to me that if she knew what she was talking about, she wouldn't speak in such an anxious, hurried manner, avoiding the yes/no part, and she continued to babble on even after it was explained to her... I'm trying to read her body language, and I notice her blushing, her strained voice, a face of surprise and anxiety, as if her mind is racing furiously behind a frozen expression, her tensed position, and an awkward smile. It simply seems to me she was very unsure of what the Bush Doctrine is. If she has heard it, I'd hope she would have looked it up and known a tad more about the subject than the rushed words she gave in the interview.

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    A vast majority of Americans can not look at a map and identify which country is Iraq and which one is Iran if given an unlabeled map of the Middle East. Therefore, I would bet that almost 90% of Americans would not have immediately recognized the so-called Bush "doctrine".

    I keep up fairly well with a lot of politics and certainly remember when the discussion turned allowing the use of a preemptive strike to stop terrorism. However, I don't immediately relate that to the words "the Bush Doctrine". In the interview, she didn't relate those together directly either. What is funny is seeing the all-knowing liberals act as if they would have responded any better. Isn't hind-sight a wonderful thing?

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    Pls people, a vice president candidate should know the meaning of Bush doctrine, how could she deal with political leaders outside then?

    And again, the mistakes she made over and over again, she didn't answer the questions, in the job interview guide it will tell that she's not a good listener, in the real job the boss is just gonna sack her...

    And the worst thing is by not answering a question, she doesn't know what her position actually is.. How a mission to reform a government could come from this kind of person ?

  • She might not have because it doesn't exist. There are 7 differant things that are sometimes called the bush doctrine but it is not a legit word. It's just a made up word and part of the political game of mudslinging.

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    She wanted to know what the question was in to regards to. Gibson wouldn't tell her, so she talked about the importance of spreading democracy around the world. Her corrected her like a school Teacher. Instead of Say how do you feel about preemptive strikes? With that she answered it fine.

    There is no written Down Bush Doctrine. That is what the media has called some of Bush's policies. There was a time after 9/11 it was mostly preemptive strikes. another time it was more about spreading democracy across the world.

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    I watch a lot of news, probably 4 to 5 hours a day, and I have never heard anybody say "The Bush Doctrine" till Gibson said it. Am I just watching the wrong channel and ABC has been using the phrase for years, or is this just Charlie Gibson being a good Obama fan?

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    To see her entire body language change when that question was asked is comical to me, complete "deer in the headlights" type of response.

    Of course, that depends on what your definition of "is," "is" I suppose.

    I supported McCain in 2000, he was no friend of Bush...he has changed since then with some respects.

    I still think he is more maverick than kool-aid drinker though, ohh yeah!

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    She was asking for a little clarification. It was a very general question. The "Bush doctrine" takes in a lot of things. In fact I don't think Charlie even knew what it was and he was the one who asked the question.

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    She had no idea whatsoever what the Bush Doctrine is. I heard it myself. She was a deer in headlights.

    How hilarious that the right is STILL trying to palm this off to "editing."

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    who in the heck knows what Bush's "doctrine" is? i checked after that interview and there are actually 4 doctrines, none of which matched the description by gibson.

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