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do white boxer pups come with K.C.R. papers?

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    Boxers that are white carry a genetic defency. They either turn out to be deaf or blind and are a SERIOUS fault to the show ring and can NOT compete.

    KCR means nothing. It is most likely a registry used by puppymillers and byb's because the AKC won't register them due to the "all white" trait and are againist the standards.

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    Not sure if by KCR you mean kennel club registry (with AKC or UKC) or you mean one of the numerous fly by night "give me $ and I'll print a pretty certificate" registries

    white boxers are an undesirable marking they can be REGISTERED by AKC but can not be SHOWN for this reason some breeders will refuse to send for papers...

    Now most of the miscellaneous registries want the $$$ so they'll register ANYTHING

    One caution reputable breeder may get an occasional "mismark" but they endeavor NOT to get a whole litter full (possible with good pedigree research)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The image that the other poster posted are not purbred boxers. The head is not that of a boxer.

    I'm thinking white boxers must be a mixed breed.

    As for kennel clubs, they mean nothing. I could register my hind end as a purebred dog, and they would be none the wiser.

    Edit: Why the thumbs down? Everything I said is true. The heads of those puppies are NOT the heads of a boxer. They are completely different.

  • John B
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    The only registry that really matters is AKC

    If your dog is CKC registered who knows if its purebred, same with KCR

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