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best car crash game for ps3...?

i love boom and crash kind of games huge explosion reckless abandonment kind of stuff... what would you suggest for me? especially car crash games... or just a game where you can blow **** up??


oh yeah i already own burnout paradise

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    Well, I was going to say Burnout Paradise, but because you already own that it's not something I need to say... Need for Speed carbon is pretty fun. It's pretty violent. Or, you could wait for Midnight Club Los Angeles. I have Midnight Club 3 and it's really fun so I pre-ordered LA because 3 was so great. So yeah, I would get that.

    Another think is Mercenaries 2. It's not really a racing game it's more of a war game, but you can drive cars, (hi-jack them, of course) and drive them around wherever in it's sandbox environment. Also, you can get RPGs and big helecopters with missles to blow up cars, buildings, and people. You can pretty much destroy anything.

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    4 years ago

    Car Crashes Games

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    Burnout Paradise is awesome for crashing in racing

    Battlefield bad Company has awesome destruction where in this fps explosions actually damage the building

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    Good question. Mercenaries 2.. you can actually make buildings come down with rocket launchers. Amazing. Grand Theft Auto 4, etc.

    My favorite is Call of Duty 4... hands down.

    Racing.. look for any need for speed game. They received pretty good ratings and last time I checked, NFS sold more than any racing game out there.

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    you already own Burnout paradise well if you want to blow **** up get Mercenaries 2

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    1 decade ago

    buy a xbox 360

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